August 30

International Offensive to Free Mumia and All Political Prisoners



Roundtrip charter bus from New York:
from 147 WEST 24th STREET (5:30 AM) arriving 1301 FILBERT STREET (8 AM)
For bus tickets call 212-330-8029

URGENT: “In its failure to recognize that Ronald Castille played an active role in pursuing the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the new District Attorney’s office, headed by Larry Krasner, is failing to do what justice requires. It is continuing the position of his predecessors, to the satisfaction of the Fraternal Order of Police.”
– Bret Grote, Esq., Abolitionist Law Center Legal Director

Our demands:

  • Release Mumia’s case files
  • Free Mumia Abu-Jamal now
  • Free all political prisoners
  • End mass incarceration and police violence
  • Liberation and reparations for all oppressed and occupied communities

Take action:

  • Call Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner at 215.686.8000
  • Demand immediate public release of all police and prosecutorial files
  • Mumia is innocent, has experienced extensive prison abuse, police and judicial misconduct. We therefore demand his immediate release.

New York Flyer in color .pdf